1970-01-01 01:33:33

union city
Upcoming Function sayywahh

In the mix with dj Devarock
http: - soundcloud.com/djdevarock/
Instagram/twitter: - djDevarockSF

Tickets are $5 and it's $10 at the door. so change of plans with the price, made it cheapper so it will stay as $5 and $10 at the door! tryan to come through hit up the promoters in your area, if anything you can always hit me up! lets make this happppen! #sayywahh!

Union City:
Izabelle Capet
Celyn Alaras
Dominic Sancho
Nessa Hiram
Janelle Ribay
Anthony Realin
John Perez
William Nikko
Darlene Alc

Denna Basto
Jeena Villamor

Station Hiram

Jude Marapao
Randell Deguzman

San Leandro:
Noah Concepion
Vila Kim

San Lorenzo:
Ivan Iniguez
Gavin Lee

Castro Valley:
Matthew Major

Marielle Villanueva

Mnt eden:
Victoria guillermo

Redwood City:
Melissa Noemi

and you know there is also me. Hit me up for some tickets