2013-02-13 00:00:00

Northeastern University
Teach Me How 2 Shimmy (team building page)

calling all shimmy queens and new learners!!!

we are looking for 1-2 more team(s).
deadline to notify us is sunday (January 20th, 2013)

THis is a PRE-FaCEBOOK PaGE for FEMaLES who would like to forM a competing TEaM to see who CaN shimmy like a NUPE.

a fun and exciting event.

routines are completely CREaTED by EaCH TEaM with, of course, the SIGNaTURE move being the shimmy.

for pointers and EXaMPLES of PaST competitions, PLEaSE refer to the youtube video below.

Link http: - www.youtube.co


*****aTTENDING implies THaT you do not HaVE a TEaM and the KaPPaS/NUPES will aPPOINT you to one or help you forMULaTE a TEaM*****

EMaIL me with aNY questions or with TEaM DETaILS.
umaraminjr - yahoo.com 267.252.3370
hafiz.a - husky.neu.edu 347.302.7315

all it TaKES is three meMBERS per TEaM. the MaX is *6

Quick Details:
Performance 5-10 minutes
Routine Whatever you want as long as you incorporate the shimmy
Creativity Limitless (bowtie swag, Nupes in your performance, etc.)

YO Baby yo!