2013-04-25 00:00:00

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Bring I'm Shmacked to The u

If we get 3,000 people attending, I'm Shmacked comes to The u! If you don't know who I'm Shmacked is, YouTube them.

If you're too lazy to YouTube them, I'm Shmacked is a group that films documentaries at schools showing the "fun" side of college. You really won't understand though until you see some of their videos like the ones below.

University of West Virginia-St. Patrick's Day: http: - www.youtube.com/watchv=tP0Xod-L1Yw

University of Michigan-Welcome Week: http: - www.youtube.com/watchv=h


Florida State University: http: - www.youtube.com/watchv=VhcMHthBDmM&feature=relmfu