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Covert London
in at the deep end

in at the deep END
SatURDaY 9th march 2013
10 pm - 7 am
- covert, 65 albert embankment, vauxhall, london, se1 7tp

across 2 arenas- deep & tech house- turbo sound systems throughout!

climbers- the FinaL show of theIR european tour!
playtime productions
tony stephenson
dave coleman
charlie grumbridge
rob b
blake baker
dan picky
david blackman & shane luis
chalkie hall
jay lewis & carlone dj
kesh chandra
live sax by Basax

tickets: 12 adv/ 15 on the DOOR
inFO: 079

31 28 55 35/ facebook: in at the deep end/ twitter: - deepinthis

we support no NonSENSE events!! if you're a PonCE, poser, rudeboy/girl with aN atTITUDE theN aRE noT welcome at our PaRTIES! onLY those THat aRE COMinG for the love of the music aND WaNT to get right messy aND inVOLVED welcome OtheRWisE no need to aPPLY! this is a ticket aND GUESTLisT/ConCESSIon event onLY you HaVE been WaRNED!