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2013 Empowering Life Transformations Oneness Blessing

Begin 2013 by catapulting yourself into being the best you!
Lets clear out the old and step into the new with the gift of Grace (Oneness Blessings)
You will receive a Hands on Oneness Blessing. Spend an evening basking in the sublime energies of the Oneness Blessing and gain valuable tools for empowering your lifes transformation
Lets start the New Year of 2013 Right!
Please Join Tiffany Silver as she takes you on a journey into Oneness and awakening! She is a Transformational Specialist, In

tuitive Life Coach, Certified Oneness Teacher Trainer for the oneness blessing and Energy Healer.
Cost: $20 Love donation
Please Rsvp: (310)804-0345 Tiffanysilverlove - yahoo.com

What is the Oneness Blessing
The Oneness Blessing is designed to help a person move beyond the limitations and structures of the mind. The oneness blessing (also known as deeksha)is a sacred energy transference of divine grace creating a neuro-biological shift illuminating the pathways of the brain, bringing a unique sense of peace that enhances our inner journey of self-discovery and self awareness. Thousands around the world are currently experiencing this profound state of consciousness as a result of receiving this Divine grace leading to God realization and an awakened heart.
You will walk away feeling more open, more love while remembering your true essence where infinite possibilities exist!!!