1970-01-01 01:33:32

One Coat at a Time - Winter Coats for Syrian Children

http: - www.razoo.com/story/One-Coat-At-A-Time
All it takes is $25 to ensure one Syrian refugee or displaced child has a winter coat to get through the next few months.

Zakat Foundation is going to work together with on the ground activists and distribute coats to Syrian displaced children. 200 of coats collected will go to Gaziantep, the rest to inside the border in Syria where thousands of children are standing and waiting and freezing. If we get more than 1,000 coats collected, then we'll di

stribute inside Aleppo as well.

Another site you can donate at is: http: - www.causes.com/causes/804040-one-coat-at-a-timequery=one+coat+at+a+time&rank=0&utm_campaign=search

It serves the same purpose as Razoo, but a couple of people had issues with Razoo denying their cards and since we don't want to waste time on logistics, then we have this site which is just as wonderful.