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The beautiful countryside of England - woods, fields, and something
TAkEBACK festival - 2013 uk festival of sound systems

=====2013 is the year to come toGEtheR=====

time to take it back

in june 2013 SOMETHinG special is gonna happen.

TakEBaCK festival

Its time the people of this country were heard.
We are the people and we will be heard.

Friday through Sunday, or as long as you want to go on.

theRE will be no OtheR festival like THis in your life

Featuring all of the uk and Europe'

s FinEST sound systems the BLaCkM00N crew are giving away one of their best party venues to host a festival that we hope will spread and go epidemic, a legendary weekend to rival Castlemorton, and the Exodus festivals of the 90's....

CaPaCitY 100,000 ravers with CaMPinG

We have been saving this venue for when the time is right, and 2013 is the time to do this, to enjoy the rave toGEtheR as one...

With all invited

all colours

all ages

all cultures

weLcome HERE

Every Sound System in the country will be accommodated for this festival. The venue has lots of camping surrounding it, and is in one of the most beautiful parts of England.

Security already booked (tight but polite)

We are chucking a load of money at this so production standards will be the highest, all site services and toilets already in place.

Free parking and camping, aMaZinG views and best of all in case of bad weather the venue has dry shelter for as many rigs and people who come. TakEBaCK is bigger than most festival sites so there will be plenty of room.

We've chose this venue as its right in the middle of the country, 2 hours london max, 1 hour manchester/ sheffield /leeds /derby/ nottingham, not too far from the m1.

STand up and be counted

come and dance under the stars in one of the most aMaZinG places you will ever see, WitH the people and the atmosphere to match...

=====details of aRTisT'S/RIG'S to come======

but expect big THinGS

THis rave will turn into a protest aGainST the government

it MaY Never end

fuck the cuts

everY style of dance music will be CaTERED for, aLSO live BandS, usUaL festival food and STallS, green SPaCE, weLFaRE/MEDICaL services and everYTHinG you need!

production TEaM inCLUDES NaMES from GLastoNBURY, GLaDE, BOOMtoWN and more...

10 suggested DONaTION

the LOCaTION of THis event is strictly secret and MaY be subject to MisinFORMaTION and rumour but beLIEVE us when we SaY you will be blown aWaY....

info --- TakEBaCK2013 - gmail.com